Run more effective water campaigns.

WaterView gives water districts the data visibility they need to create powerful targeted water campaigns that focus on customers using significantly more water than their allocation.

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Narrow your efficiency campaign efforts for a bigger impact

Instead of trying to elicit behavior changes in all your customers, use data to target the 30% of customers who are using 60% of the water. This ensures a majority of your customers are always satisfied.

Data-driven messaging for powerful campaign outcomes

WaterView detects over-allocation users and pinpoints where they are over-using through multiple data sets, enabling the creation of campaigns that offer targeted solutions to customers' specific water-usage problems.

Track campaign effectiveness through end-to-end visibility

Track the effectiveness of these campaigns, make changes to maximize results, and evolve your approach through campaign insights over time.

Direct mail water efficiency campagins to 20%-30% of your district instead of 100% of your district.

WaterView gives districts a better way to meet efficiency requirements.

Use targeted messaging to offer customers solution programs that address their specific water use problems. For example, offer smart timer sprinklers or turf removal rebate programs to customers with a significant amount of turf.

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