Aerial Wall Murals

Eagle Aerial Solutions has specialized in the production of large aerial photomaps since the 1980’s. These aerial wall art and murals became very popular in board rooms, conference rooms, and offices from all kinds of government and private sector industries.

Functional Art.

Today, our aerial wall art are more popular than ever. Why? Because technology has squeezed large jurisdictional and regional geographies into a computer monitor.  The most common reason we see for the renewed interest in the Aerial Photo Murals is people want to see “the big picture”. To see the relationship between the freeway interchange on one side of town to the housing development  on the other, or from this school to that school, or a housing development in relation to the office location….you have to pan and zoom on the monitor, you never get the full relationship city-wide, district-wide, or regionally speaking. Plus, art gets a glance and is forgotten immediately, whereas Aerial Photo Murals serve as “Functional Art” and so they not only  look good but they serve a dual purpose, adding incremental value to your office, lobby, conference room or boardroom.

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Contact us today to see what we can do to upgrade your professional environment and make it not only look good, but increase productivity and impress your visitors at the same time. There’s nothing like the wow factor people get when they walk in and see the impressive photo mural with your logo on it, as a first impression it’s a lasting impression.

  • Every Aerial Mural comes complete and ready to hang, with:
  • High quality, color print with the most updated imagery available
  • ½” Black Gatorboard Mounting (other options also available)
  • UV-resistant overlaminate (a must for protection!)
  • Hanging blocks for wall
  • Graphics per your instructions (major street labels, freeway icons, your logo, etc).