School District Solutions

Eagle Aerial is the leading provider of aerial-based mapping data for School Districts nationally. In addition to our updated, high resolution aerial imagery, Eagle is proud to work alongside School Districts to help School District solutions and projects that involve mapping, custom flights, or specialized data.In addition to ortho imagery and custom obliques photos, we offer data solutions such as building footprints with classifications (identifying building type, classroom numbers, etc). This is ideal for emergency response needs and for staging purposes, among other things.

Also available is landscape data for irrigation monitoring which is becoming critically important as the State mandates individual restrictions on water use vs. water needs based on the actual landscaping of the district properties. These restrictions are gradually being tightened through 2030. No-cost mapping software to display and use these kind of data sets is also provided and comes with simple training to get you going.District Wall Murals are also a popular item in District offices and can be found in many Board Rooms, Conference rooms, and Lobbies. What one cannot see on a computer screen while viewing the entire district at once, can be seen and understood very clearly on a large aerial photo map showing the full extents of the District (complete with the district boundary and school labels). These murals are sized to your exact specifications and come laminated and mounted on ½” black gatorboard and ready to hang.

Aerial Murals

District Aerial Photo Murals, besides showing that the School District has pride in its community, serve as “Functional Art” by providing everyone with the ability to see every facility clearly in one static image; as well as the geographic relationship between them. Click here for sample School District Aerial Murals.