Award Winning Aerial Streaming.

Our award winning Aerial Streaming Solution provides a web-based imagery stream (along with other geospatial data) to our subscribers for your aerial photography. Our web-based clients can stream the imagery right into their own geospatial applications like AutoCAD, ESRI, and many more. The geospatial data is distributed using RESTful services like WMS, WMTS, WFS and WCS. Due to that users are assured that access to the data is Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards-based, meeting and exceeding world-class data delivery speeds.

National 1 Foot Pixel Coverage.

Eagle’s 1-foot pixel resolution ortho library extends across the United States and is updated regularly. All imagery is captured using cutting edge digital aerial mapping cameras. This data undergoes an extensive ortho-rectification process and quality control making it the most horizontally accurate one-foot pixel resolution aerial ortho-imagery available today. Tapping into our Off-The-Shelf (OTS) imagery model we can now offer national coverage at a substantially lower cost and faster turnaround times than traditional custom capture methods. Imagery is available from 1 square 1 square mile/km to whole populated areas.

Major US Metros 6 Inch Coverage

Eagle Aerial now has more high resolution 6-inch pixel imagery available than ever before!

Immediately available, our Off-the-Shelf imagery library extends widely across the continental United States with seamless, color-corrected, ortho-rectified 6-inch pixel resolution. We employ the most technologically advanced equipment to capture the best 6-inch imagery possible and this includes regularly updated, certified accuracy of camera calibration by the USGS. Imagery is available immediately and is ready to be used for your project, dropped into GIS software, AutoCad or any other software that accepts imagery. This library is updated year-round.

Select So. Calif. 3 Inch Coverage

Eagle Aerial became the first company in the United States producing off-the-shelf, engineering accuracy, three-inch pixel resolution aerial orthophotography. To capture the most accurate aerial photography that can be produced and delivered “off-the-shelf”, Eagle Aerial employs the most state of the art equipment available year after year. Unlike competitors that use medium-format cameras Eagle Aerial continues to use USGS calibrated large-format mapping cameras – and now with even more GIS control points than ever. The aircrafts are equipped with traditional RGB sensors and an additional 4th band (NIR), the 3” imagery is geo-referenced and ortho-rectified with an engineering level of horizontal accuracy (plus/minus 1 meter (NMAS 1”=100’). Eagle’s off-the-shelf model of “building it once at high quality and selling it multiple times” provides a unique savings opportunity for imagery data when compared to traditional custom-flown photography of the same quality. Eagle has a broad range of clients taking advantage of the three inch pixel imagery. These include County-wide agencies, Cities, Water Agencies , First Responders and Engineering firms, to name just a few. Contact us for the most up-to-date complete and current coverage information of our aerial photography.