Innovative solutions and 30+ years of expertise.

We've built a reputation for being experts in the field, understanding needs, and being the first to market with innovative solutions. We were the first in the industry to offer fast off-the-shelf aerial imagery, and we've maintained long-term relationships with customers, dozens of which have stayed with us for over 30 years.

How Eagle Aerial got it's wings.

The Eagle Equipment Check List entailed:

A camera, that’s it! Aircraft and photo post production was all outsourced. Within a year, a helicopter and custom color photo dark room were added.

Eagle Went Digital!

All imagery was still film-based but, scanned and converted into digital files for electronic delivery or printed on a digital printer. Although digital aerial cameras were available in the early 2000’s, they did not make economic (or quality) sense for most applications until 2009. Prior to 2009, the large 9″x 9″ format film camera digitally scanned film had higher quality than digital aerial cameras.

High Resolution

Eagle Aerial Solutions was the first aerial imaging company in the country to introduce high resolution “off-the-shelf” wide area coverage digital aerial imagery . For the first time, this provided customers with immediate, unlimited access to extremely accurate, high resolution imagery.

Precision 3

Eagle Aerial Solutions’ new “Precision 3” off-the-shelf ortho imagery product surpassed the competition as the first annually updated, full Orange County coverage 3 inch pixel resolution imagery with engineering grade horizontal accuracy, available at a fraction of the cost of comparable custom-flown imagery.

A leading provider

Eagle Aerial continues as California’s leading provider of current off-the-shelf aerial imagery and begins to release current imagery in major markets outside the state, including Phoenix, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, Chicago, Austin, and the District of Columbia.

One foot pixel

Eagle expands its offerings by making available nationwide off-the-shelf imagery at 6 inch and one foot pixel resolution.

Award Winners

Eagle Aerial Solutions received the 10th Annual MAPPS Geospatial Products and Services Excellence Award (Grand Award for Project of the Year) for its web-based imagery streaming service “Earth on Demand”. “Earth on Demand” delivers imagery and other geospatial data (raster and vector) in near-real-time to web clients and desktop geospatial applications.

Near Infra Red

Eagle and its partners are currently using remote sensing technology to assist the State of California (DWR) in its statewide water conservation efforts. We are using NIR (Near Infra-Red) imagery and proprietary technology implemented by our PhD level analysts to efficiently provide detailed data to support equitable and cost-effective conservation approaches.


Eagle Aerial Partnerships

As a team with NV5, Eagle has performed numerous irrigated vegetation analytic projects for water agencies, including the statewide residential irrigated vegetation project conducted on behalf of DWR. In addition, Eagle has developed several web-based software solutions for water agencies. Including the “Verification Portal” developed for DWR, allowing individual water agencies to confirm the accuracy of the statewide irrigation dataset.

LAM project

Eagle Aerial Solutions together and its partner, NV5 (formerly Quantum Spatial), are the companies that recently conducted the statewide Landscape Area Measurement (LAM) project for the California Department of Water Resources.

LAM delivered

The LAM dataset produced by Eagle and NV5 on behalf of DWR has been provided to each 400+ California urban water districts, free of charge.

LAM team

The Eagle/NV5 team includes multiple PhD-level remote sensing analysts whose skill has been required to develop this methodology over many years, in conjunction with the DWR team.

Clear vision, strong  leadership.

Meet Eagle Aerials leadership team with in-depth experience in water efficiency, GIS, data science, and technology.

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