Ensure your district is compliant.

WaterView ensures water districts meet the efficiency and allocation requirements established under the new long term California water
conservation legislation, SB606 & AB1668.

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Act on pending requirements in days, not months.

WaterView makes it easy to stay compliant with up-to-date calculators, water efficiency trackers and campaign/outreach tools. Don't wait until you're getting daily $10,000 fines.

State reporting that takes care of itself.

WaterView aids in upcoming state reporting requirements, ensuring you have the correct data needed for each specific reporting requirement.

Data visibility for more effective efficiency campaigns.

Implement and track a wide variety of precisely targeted water efficiency campaigns. Offer customers solution programs to solve their specific water-use problems.

WaterView gives you peace of mind that your district is ready to adapt and maintain regulatory compliance under the new state standards.

WaterView gives districts a better way to meet efficiency requirements.

Use targeted messaging to offer customers solution programs that address their specific water use problems. For example, offer smart timer sprinklers or turf removal rebate programs to customers with a significant amount of turf.

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