Make data-driven drought decisions.

Make intelligent drought response decisions guided by powerful water-use data insights in the WaterViewplatform. Ensure SB606 and AB1668 compliance while maintaining customer satisfaction and stabilizing revenue.

Brought to you by the LAM data providers for 400+ California urban water suppliers participating in efficiency legislation.
Water Agencies

What WaterView can do for your district.

WaterView™ is a water efficiency and data management software solution custom-designed to help water professionals meet the water conservation framework requirements under SB606 & AB1668 and comply with the new efficiency standards.


Meet the efficiency and allocation requirements established under SB606 and AB1668 with ease.


Use detailed irrigation and demographic data to help move customers toward long-term, efficient water use behaviors.


Adapt to state mandates and changes while maintaining customer satisfaction and supporting the financial resilience of your district.


WaterView mirrors current legislative requirements and reporting so you can focus on your staff and customers, not requirement changes.

What is your compliance plan?

The requirement to start measuring water for the 2024 Urban Water Use Objective began:

07 / 01 / 22


Pending conservation requirements and reporting are looming. How will your district adapt? WaterView helps districts avoid penalty fees and stay compliant by providing data that fuels holistic water-efficiency campaigns with three goals: water efficiency, customer satisfaction, and minimal to no revenue reduction.


End-to-end data visibility for better drought response decisions and compliance management.

See WaterView in action, from data analysis to actionable water efficiency campaigns that help your agency meet compliance standards, maintain customer satisfaction and prevent the need to dip into reserves.

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Don't repeat history; re-write it.

Droughts and compliance requirements are changing the way water agencies are run. Relying on old approaches to solve new problems will create the same challenges many agencies faced back in 2014 when 25% water cuts were imposed on all customers. There is a new way to adapt to these changes using data and intelligent water conservation campaigns, resulting in better outcomes, satisfied customers, and a thriving staff.

Old approach

Water reduction


Revenue reduction

New approach

Water reduction


Revenue reduction

Water Usage
Campaign results

Discover how your district is doing

By adjusting the various parameters, the tool shows possible future scenarios and compares those to recent water use trends and the 2020 efficiency targets established by past legislation. Learn more on the state website.

What districts who use WaterView are saying:

Our district did not have AMI meters, we had manual meters. WaterView is a fraction of the cost but provides us the same visibility. Before WaterView we mailed everyone, now we only need to mail 200 hundred customers. 

Water Use Efficiency Analyst
Budget & staff



How WaterView helps districts avoid the pitfalls of water-usage cuts.

25% water cuts across water districts in 2014 led to upset customers and a dependence on reserves. A lack of choice forced led districts to make decisions that had negative repercussions. WaterView gives districts the data they need to make better decisions with the multi-faceted whole picture in mind. Efficancy doesn't have to mean hardship for your your district. Learn more below.

No GIS training needed
Integrates with existing GIS systems
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