Thriving through efficiency with WaterView™

Thriving through efficiency with WaterView™
December 13, 2021

WaterView gives districts a better way to meet efficiency requirements.

WaterView gives water districts the data visibility they need to target customers who are using significantly more water than their allocation.

Targeting only these high water users as opposed to everyone in your district has many positive outcomes:

Save time and money:

Direct mail water efficiency campagins to 15%-20% of your district instead of 100% of your district.

More effective campagins:

Use targeted messaging to offer customers solution programs that address their specific water use problems. For example, offer smart timer sprinklers or turf removal rebate programs to customers with a significant amount of turf.

Satisfied customers:

Don't ask your customers that are already diligent about water saving and are well within their allocation to cut back on water. This is a great way to end up with a significant amount of angry customers. Instead, focus on the small amount of customers who are significantly over their allocation, keeping a majority of your customers happy.

Stabilized revenue:

Don't raise rates for everyone; focus on the small number of customers who use way more than their fair allocation share. By doing so, you can maintain fairness for your customers, create an incentive for over-allocation users to cut back, and avoid the need to dip into reserves.

How to avoid the major pitfalls of efficiency and compliance changes.


Targeted data that reduces the cost of outreach efforts and rebate programs while maintaining customer satisfaction and stabilizing revenue.


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