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Three Inch Pixel Digital Ortho

Eagle Aerial is the only company in the United States producing off-the-shelf, engineering accuracy, three inch pixel resolution aerial ortho-imagery.  Eagle’s annually updated three inch pixel resolution imagery is currently available for all of Orange County.

The 3” pixel imagery is created with the assistance of the County of Orange Department of Public Works and delivers outstanding, custom-level horizontal accuracy (plus/minus 1 meter (NMAS 1”=100’).  Eagle’s off-the-shelf model of “building it once and selling it multiple times” provides a unique savings opportunity for imagery data when compared to traditional custom-flown photography of the same quality.

Eagle has a broad range of clients taking advantage of the three inch pixel imagery. These include County-wide agencies, Cities, Emergency Responders, Water Agencies, and Engineering firms, to name just a few.

Imagery is Available for a small project to the whole County. However, due to the cost of producing and housing aerial imagery we have a $795 minimum charge for digital orders.


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