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“As mentioned we’re currently in the process of realigning several hundred of the City’s GIS layers and using Eagle Aerial ortho was a primary reference layer.  Prior to starting, I asked our Chief of Surveys for some assistance in validating the accuracy of the photo.  His crew used survey quality GPS receivers to determine precise locations of several dozen ground features in the hilly, eastern portion of the City which could easily be photo identifiable. Back in the office when we compared the GPS coordinates to the aerial photos in no case was the offset more than a few inches.”

Reid Watkins, Asst. Business Information Systems Mgr., City of Anaheim, Public Utilities

“The annual updates [of the ortho imagery] and clarity allows us to use it to see changes in land development, giving us the opportunity to further investigate property-related issues, and possible code violations.  It has also helped us in litigation matters to support our case……We thank you for creating a high quality, cost effective product that has been very helpful to our entire team.”

Scott Watson, GIS Analyst, City of Newport Beach

“Since we are not able to get into the field in the way we would like due to cost constraints, this photography is essentially our way of seeing and understanding change in the field from our desktop…….....our annual county-wide road stripping project is an example where we can see what needs to be done from our desktops…………because the imagery is so accurate, we can even geo-code photo-identifiable features… Speaking of accuracy, we have checked all over the County and it lines up to our very accurate parcel data base spot on.  I can’t remember seeing anywhere in the County where it isn’t right on.”

Raymond L. Mathe, County Surveyor, County of Orange

“I wanted to take a moment of your time to let you know how pleased HELIX is with the quality of imagery that you provide, as well as the great service we receive from your staff at Eagle. We have been using Eagle’s products for almost 10 years now, and we always come back for our aerial photography needs as they arise, year after year.”

Justin Palmer, GIS Group Manager, Helix Environmental Planning

“Your aerials help[ed] me to close out my Storm Water Resource Board General Project Permit. I was turned down after my first attempt…Then I thought; how about an overall aerial shot, showing the project progress by year? Well that was it! By showing an overall site with specific close up photos…I was able to get my project approved…Your program is great, and I love applying aerials to depict site analysis that everyone can understand.

Paul W. Rivas, Director of Facilities, William S. Hart Union H.S. District