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InterMap: The Enrollment Impact Specialists

InterMap has been recognized as a leader in the remote sensing industry for more than three decades.  InterMap has national and regional spatial data infrastructure initiatives. Your mapping program can benefit from InterMap’s advanced sensor technologies and award-winning production systems.

InterMap has the most accurate and complete elevation data sets, including DTM and Contours, in the U.S.A.

InterMap and Eagle Aerial Solutions have teamed up to offer our complimentary data sets which provide efficiency and value in a number of applications.


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Digital Map Products: Spatially Enabling Organizations

Digital Map Products is the leading provider of web-enabled spatial solutions that bring the power of spatial technology to everyday business, government, and consumer users. Digital Map Products’ mission is to take sophisticated spatial technology and make it easy to use and implement. Through its SaaS spatial platform and embedded GIS industry applications, Digital Map Products is a driving force behind the mainstreaming of spatial technology.

Digital Map Products’ solutions incorporate two influential emerging technologies: Software-as-a-Service and Geospatial Technology. DMP customers gain access to sophisticated features, best-in-class reliability & global accessibility with no upfront capital expenditures or unpredictable costs.

Digital Map Products is an established leader in helping real estate, insurance, and government organizations turn data into visual insights with applied spatial technology. Because successful integration of spatial technology is dependent on its application to unique industry needs, Digital Map Products tailors its solutions by industry.

Digital Map Products and Eagle Aerial Solutions have worked strategically together since 2001, and, by integrating DMP’s powerful web-based GIS tools with Eagle Aerial’s current seamless digital photography, significant value is added to both customer groups.