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Water Conservation Services

Eagle Aerial is a California-based aerial mapping company with unique qualifications to perform remotely sensed water usage and land cover analyses for Water Districts.

Eagle’s annually-updated, high resolution aerial photography throughout much of California is flown with state of the art digital mapping cameras and includes the color infra-red band.  With this pre-existing data, analyses can be done without the expense of custom aerial captures, thereby saving water districts thousands to tens of thousands of dollars over custom acquisition.  Having the data immediately available also avoids delays caused by having to custom acquire imagery for specific projects. 

Eagle Aerial and its partner, Photo Science, together have world class data and remote sensing expertise.  Our team is headed by Andrew Brenner, PhD, who has years of remote sensing experience. Photo Science is a national geospatial solutions firm providing water agencies, flood control districts and engineering consultants custom-collected datasets, modeling and analytics that support water management plans, regulatory compliance and engineering needs. 

A unique ability to be able to help California Water Districts comply with SBx77, which requires 20% water savings by 2020. This is because we’ve done two things that make our process targeted to fit this need: 

We have developed expertise, to an accuracy of up to 95%, in the measurement of irrigated and non-irrigated coverage on a parcel-by-parcel basis, with such analysis broken down to a granular level (i.e. turf, bushes/trees, bare earth, impervious surfaces, water, etc.) (representative examples of this work and other relevant remote sensing work is described below); and

Water-related on-call mapping contracts include the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Santa Clara Valley Water District, the Southern Nevada Water Authority and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

When integrated into the engineering, planning and management activities of water districts, these solutions have a lasting impact across the organization, supporting informed decision-making and information management only possible with geospatial data.

  • Watershed management
  • Water resources engineering
  • Asset management
  • Vegetation management
  • Habitat studies
  • Fluvial geomorphology
  • Site monitoring and land cover change-detection
  • Drainage and impervious surface modeling
  • Analytics to support water management planning


As a contractor of DWR, Eagle/Photo Science is conducting remote sensing analysis to determine the irrigated square footage of each of 14,500 parcels in the City of Lodi. DWR is undertaking this project to look at rolling out this methodology state wide to accurately and cost
effectively determine irrigated area within each lot for accurate water
usage analysis.

Determining Irrigated areas of Parcels in Lodi
Year: 2013
Client: Department of Water Resources
Reference: Peter Bostrom

Determining Irrigated areas of Parcel in Irvine
Year: 2012
Client: Irvine Ranch Water District
Reference: Fiona Sanchez

Eagle/Photo Science has supported the District with over 30 mapping projects in the past decade.  Project scopes included bathymetric mapping, airborne LiDAR, aerial photogrammetry, and integration of these datasets to support the mapping and modeling of pipelines, reservoirs, creeks and mitigation sites.

SFPUC Central Bayside System Improvement
Year: 2013
Client: San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
Reference: Tom Sweet, PE, URS Corporation, 415-243-3713

SCVWD On-Call Mapping Contract
Year: 2010 - 2013
Client: Santa Clara Valley Water District
Reference: Thomas Dougherty, Sr. Surveyor, 408-265-2600

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Survey and Mapping IDIQ contracts.  Eagle/Photo Science has served both the San Francisco and Sacramento USACE Districts with multi-faceted mapping on major projects including:

USACE American River Common Features Project
Year: 2010
Client: USACE Sacramento District
Reference: Peter Blodgett, Hydraulic Engineer, 916-557-7529,

In 2010, Eagle/Photo Science completed the American River Common Features Project, a datum update to the Sacramento River Bank Protection Project and Sacramento-San Joaquin River Basins Comprehensive Study.  The project covered 1,500 square miles and supported the USACE Comprehensive Evaluation of Project Datums Program.

In 2010, Eagle/Photo Science completed bathymetric, topographic and boundary mapping of Lake Mendocino, a multi-purpose flood control and recreation facility.

USACE Lake Mendocino Multifaceted Survey and Mapping
Year: 2010
Client: USACE San Francisco District
Reference: Joseph Viola, COR,

In 2012, Eagle/Photo Science completed the mapping of Noyo Harbor, which involved bathymetric survey, aerial LiDAR, photogrammetry and field survey.  This task order included CEPD corrective actions as well as a comprehensive condition survey of the jetties with some additional offshore survey work associated with a new pilot study that evaluates the feasibility of placing dredge material in a near shore area north of Noyo Harbor.

USACE Noyo Harbor Mapping
Year: 2012
Client: USACE San Francisco District
Reference: Anne Sturm, Water Resource Section, 415-503-6905,

Eagle/Photo Science collected 1,900 square miles of airborne LiDAR and 4,912 square miles of high resolution digital orthoimagery in support of the DWR Central Valley Flood Evaluation and Delineation Program.  These datasets continue to have widespread use for a variety of flood and watershed management projects.

Year: 2010
Client: California Department of Water Resources
Reference: Francis Borcalli, Wood Rodgers, 916-326-5224,

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